Adding Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10

Cloud storage has become a widely used storage location for many. Microsoft OneDrive which was previously known as SkyDrive is one such cloud storage option available. Microsoft OneDrive comes in 2 flavors, the free OneDrive which can be obtained by signing up a free Microsoft account and has a free storage of 5GB and the paid Microsoft OneDrive for Business which can be obtained through an Office 365 subscription which has a 1TB of storage limit.

Windows 10 enables a user to add both these OneDrive folders to be synchronized to the local PC which helps to store all the documents and data in the cloud. The OneDrive app is already built into Windows 10 and the user can simply enter the email address and the password to start the initial sync. Below are the steps to add multiple OneDrive accounts to your Windows 10 computer.

Open OneDrive Application and enter the email address of Account 1


Enter the password of Account 1


If the sync folder location to be changed click on change location and select the folder and click next


Select the folders to be synchronized to the local computer and click nextSNAGHTML83fafb1a

Click open OneDrive and the folders and documents will be synched.

To add the second account, right click the OneDrive icon from the task bar


Select settings


Click on add account


Follow the same process to add the account (mentioned above) and once done you will be able to access both folders from the file explorer


The sync status can be viewed from the icons in the task bar


17 thoughts on “Adding Multiple OneDrive Accounts in Windows 10

  1. Super helpful article! You don’t have any idea how to change the names of the different OneDrive folders you have in explorer after you add them, would you?

    • I had a different version of the problem with two, non-communicating, versions of OneDrive accessible on a new Samsung tablet. The creation of this may have involved some combination of Play Store, DropBox Word files, or something I clicked without understanding the ramifications. I uninstalled the 6 Office components I had installed and reinstalled them. That fixed the problem.

  2. I have an issue with 2 accounts, maybe you can help me? I added a shared account with user and password but file that was added to this shred account folder, I get no access notification once I open it with my excel app. the permission to this file is only for the shared account so it can be download to my pc but cannot be edited, only have a read mode. also if I delete the file, it get deleted on the server side. how I can solve this and be able to edit the excel file?

  3. For those people who say they are getting the ‘unlink the other account’ error, I think that you can only have 1 personal and 1 paid onedrive account for business. The author does say this although it would of been helpful for him / her to say explicitly that multiple personal accounts are not possible.

    I have 1 personal and 1 paid for and so far it works well.

    If you are in the education industry or a student you can get a free onedrive for business with 1TB. Go here:

  4. Very Interesting article and very good comments!

    I have the following scenario… can someone help please?

    I just came into a company setting were our data are about 3TB today BUT stored on each user’s PC. Not centralized control nor backup. Too bad of course.
    I was thinking of getting a NAS and store everything in there, clean them up (surely there must be duplicate files, etc) and of course would like to sync it with OneDrive since I want to implement Office 365 for this company. There are about 35 PCs here.

    Can this be done? If Office 365 only gives you 1TB per user, can we combine all the users quota to cover our capacity needs?

    Your advise is greatly appreciated!

  5. Hi Akfash–
    I have a link to a 3rd party OneDrive account (I don’t know the password). And I want to send folders/files from here to my own business OneDrive account. Both accounts are open in two different browsers. But I can’t send/copy/share from the 3rd party to my own account.

    How do I do this? And if you’re repeating yourself, I apologize. My head is spinning at the moment.


    • Hi Marshall, are you the owner of the 3rd party onedrive? or is it someone else’s who shared a file with you?

  6. Hello, thanks a lot for your nice article. Do you know how many different such OneDrive for Business Accounts could be added in such a way in total? I my setup I have 1 onedrive Personnel , 2 documents libraries form 2 different sharepoint accounts and 9 different OneDrive for Business Folders. So all in all 12. It is now no more possible to add more. Is there any settings in the Registry to add more? Best Claus

  7. Hi. I have a one drive account installed on my PC that contains the files for a sports club I volunteer with (it is the free version). I am also trying to create a personal onedrive to store my own docs in but it won’t seem to let me. I tried following the instructions in this feed, Help please . . .

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